About This Illuminati Ish …

As you, your mama, and your mama’s mama may know – Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently welcomed their first baby girl, Blue Ivy into the world. Now, with great news come the naysayers. Everyone wants to add their two cents to ish while they have little to NO knowledge about the topic at hand that they are discussing! SMH. The thing that annoys me is all of the speculation about Beyoncé and Jay being Illuminati-affiliated. What I would like to know is – when did everyone become Illuminati experts?! When did you guys become so well-educated on that topic?! I’m POSITIVE that the majority of the people who be speaking on the Illuminati have NO idea what they are talking about and are just following suit with others who be talking about it. Y’all just be wanting to fit in, when really all you’re doing is making yourself appear dumb AF. Like, stfu. You sound DUMB. Just because they’re getting money (more than you may ever see, lol), they have to be devil worshipers? Gtfo! I swear, people be so engrossed in the next person’s life – like, just worry about yourself! Please! If it bothers you so much, stop speaking on their name and don’t listen to their music. Problem solved!! (:

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