I don’t understand how people can do you dirty when you’re the main person whose only intentions are to help them. Especially when they do YOU dirty over the MAIN person who’s doing THEM dirty and take their side. To top it off, it’s the one person that you’re the most close to and you can talk to about anything with .. it really hurts your feelings. It almost makes you want to have NOTHING to do with them anymore because you’re just so hurt by it and you feel like, “Is this how it’s gonna be from this point on? You’re just gonna take their side and I’M the one who has your best interest at heart.” Smh .. I usually don’t hold grudges, but you don’t want to just up and apologize to them or try to get them to talk to you when you KNOW deep down in your HEART that you are NOT the one at fault. I don’t want to go into the new year not being cool with anyone, but sometimes .. I guess you just have to let people make their mistakes and in the end, they’ll look back and realize that you were only trying to help them because you love them.

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