Happy Birthday Gigi!

I would like to take the time out to say Happy 17th Birthday to my little BIG sister Andrea, aka Gigi! Although you just turned 17 today, it seems like you’ve been way past that age for awhile now, lol. I’ve watched you grow up right before my eyes, and it has been a tumultuous yet fun journey! We’ve had our ups and downs, times when we couldn’t stand each other (especially when we were kids, haha), fistfights and all that jazz, but I am glad to say that we are past that stage. Over the years we have grown to be much closer, and you know that through thick and thin, I’ve always got your back and I know that you’ve got mine. Soo, with that being said – I wish you a very Happy 17th Birthday! Live it up (but don’t do too much), because you only turn 17 once! I love you! <33

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