Art Professor’s Recession-Inspired Work Suggest Hard Times

Art professor‘s recession-inspired work suggests hard times

November 29, 2011
by Antionette Latrese | Staff Writer

                                           Photo by Tony Wallin
If you are interested in hearing about the awarding-winning art series “Scenes from the Downturn: An Exploration of the Pile Series,” be sure to stop by the Cultural Awareness Center from 3 – 4 p.m. Nov. 30.
Gioia Fonda, a professor of 2-D studies at City College will be giving a lecture on her work, “Pile Series.”
“The piles have come to represent many layers of our current state, not only a reflection of the lending crisis but also a comment on our rampant consumerism and the utter disposability of what we produce and what we buy,” Fonda says.
Fonda attended the New York School of Visual Arts where she earned her master’s degree in Fine Arts. Fonda says the big pile of trash in her neighborhood is one of the many effects of the current economic downturn.
Fonda says that she believes that the piles of trash located in her neighborhood indicate change, and that they usually occur when someone has been evicted, experienced foreclosure or death.
For more information, contact the CAC at (916) 558-2575. Students requiring additional accommodations can contact the DSPS at (916) 558-2087.

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