If You Aren’t Trying To Better YOUR LIFE, Then I Don’t Need You In MY LIFE!

I absolutely cannot get down with people that just want to be a couch potato, smoke weed, get drunk and basically just do nothing with their lives all day. Like, wtf do you get out of not trying to better yourself and your future? What do you get out of smoking weed and drinking allll day, everyday like it’s just the thing to do? That type of ish is not cute to me, it’s a complete TURN-OFF to me. Stuff like that is how I QUICKLY lose interest in people.

They say that the people that you kick it with are a reflection of you .. THEREFORE, I cannot be around people like that. I need someone that can motivate ME to be a better individual, and vice versa. If you have no goals, no drive, no dreaaaams, no NOTHING – then, wth do I need you in my life for?

Everyday I strive to be a better person than I was the day before, and if you can’t say the same about yourself, then GOODBYE. Instead of bragging about how much weed you smoke, brag about you furthering your education, brag about being employed, brag about trying to become a role model, brag about PRODUCTIVITY! You feel me?

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