It’s unfair to string you along if I’m still in love with someone else
So, I bring to you this poem to show you how I really felt
For you, the love was there
It just didn’t run as deep
Now, HE .. he flew me to my highest peak
He strengthened me when I was weak
I had to say goodbye to you
Although, it hurts inside to do
I put my pride aside and cried
I’d die if I ever lied to you
I owe to you this much
So, I’m giving it to you real
Something I’ve been since the start
Heart, don’t fail me now
It’s better for us to be apart
I was oblivious in the beginning
Never knew how torn I was
And until you approached me yourself
I never knew how scorned you was
Love, look .. I feel like such a druggie
I just want for you to love me
But his love is my addiction
I didn’t mean to cause confliction .. between us
Now, there’s no trust
But I had to go with my intuition …

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