A Poem I Wrote Today … Yet To Be Titled

Mentally alone
Lost and confused
Glancing at my silent phone
No one to talk to
Anyone to talk to
Still, why be a burden with my problems
Everyone has their own
Confiding in others will not solve em
So, I keep them bottled inside
I keep my mouth closed
Known to have too much pride
When will I put it aside
Hmph..only God knows
Silently going insane
Fuck this rain
Fuck this pain
I just ask to be free
Steer in my own fucking lane
So much good in my heart
Goodness that people disregard
This journey is so hard
It takes everything in me to not fall apart
Still, I remain strong
Positive that God will get me through it
I will prevail in the end
I’ll be the best to ever do it!

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