The Warm Up : Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Two years ago TODAY, one of the most greatest mixtapes [aka The Warm Up] dropped! To this day, The Warm Up still gets major play in my ipod and itunes and I am extremely happy that Cole’s fanbase has expanded as much as it has. I am also happy to state that I myself have put a lot of my fambam up on his music, I mean – taking the time out to sit down and listen to his music is one of the greatest things that I could have ever done, so why not share this greatness? Although his debut album has yet to be released, I can always listen to The Come Up, The Warm Up, Friday Night Lights and a whole heap of Cole features until the time DOES come for the album to drop. 

Congratulations Cole and Happy 2 Year Anniversary on one of the greatest projects ever! I wish you much more happiness, success and longevity throughout your career, please continue to bless us with your heartfelt art, don’t ever stop because you are the SHIT at what you do! 

Now, I give you the song that got Mr. Cole signed: “Lights Please,” straight classic.

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