"Lost Ones" Leak ..


I am sure that you all are aware that a song that J. Cole has been keeping under wraps for YEARS, has LEAKED. “Lost Ones” was set to appear on Cole’s highly anticipated upcoming debut album. It was a special track to him, which is why he has tried to keep it in the cuts THIS long. Yes, songs ARE leaked everyday and yes that IS how the game goes. But obviously, THIS particular leak HURT him!

I’m not gonna bash anyone who has listened to and/or downloaded the track, HOWEVER – I for one REFUSE to listen to “Lost Ones” until the debut album has OFFICIALLY been released, despite the great response that I have been seeing in regards to the song. I want to listen to it the way that Cole INTENDED for his fans to listen to it. I’ve been waiting this long, what’s another three months? *shrug*

I’ve got your back Cole!

When the time does come, you can bet your last dollar that I WILL BE PURCHASING MORE THAN ONE COPY!

Cole World!

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