Kendrick Lamar – I love you (;

If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, then you are most likely aware that I am in complete LOVE with Kendrick Lamar..well, his music. Well shoot, him as well. Every day that I wake up, I just CRAVE to hear his voice. Everything from his wittiness, metaphors, wordplay to his subject matter – I just LOVE and I literally CRAVE to hear it. You know when you have a sweet tooth and you just crave to have something sweet to eat, that’s how his music makes me feel – I just have to hear it.
Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day all I want to do is put “Wanna Be Heard,” “Faith,” or “Trip” on repeat and just zone OUT. Kendrick Lamar‘s music most definitely helps me get through my day whether I am having a good day or a bad one. I am sooo ANXIOUS for “Section.80” to drop, I’m positive that when it does drop it will definitely be an ear-opener and it’s gonna change the outlook that a majority of people have on hip-hop nowadays. By a majority, I mean those who continuously complain and say that “hip-hop just isn’t what it used to be anymore.” They think that hip-hop’s dead now, just WAIT until “Section.80” drops. You say that Kendrick‘s dope now, just WAIT. “Section.80” is going to be the greatest. Remember this post and mark my words. Adios! 😛

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