Exclusive: Jay-Z Loses Patience With J. Cole For Debut Release

[via HipHopWired.com]

J.Cole Roc Nation Debut
It’s been two years since North Carolina protegee J. Cole signed to Roc Nation. Since then fans patiently awaited what they hoped to be a lyrical takeover from the young simba.
Even after the release of Friday Night Lights, however, it would only be so long before we got back to the question, when will see the album?

Just this week Cole tweeted,“All singles done. Album ridiculous. Title Perfect. Music incredible,” right before releasing his first single, “Disgusting.” This was an exhale for fans who had been awaiting a release since his signing, but we could only imagine the pressure coming from the top dog himself.

Hip-Hop Wired learned  exclusively from insiders at the label that Jay-Z was loosing patience, and contacted Cole telling him if he didn’t speed up the process, they would have to disconnect.

In a previous interview, the MC shared that he isn’t sweating the label pressure, and wants to be satisfied with the final product.  “I don’t worry about what the world wants me to do, I’m worrying about meeting my expectations.”

The debut single received a wide range of feedback from fans and critics.

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