Woohoo! Cole World, CA!

Okay, soo I know that I am late with the posting of this, but oh well! My boy Cole has been named the #5 Greatest Rapper Alive (Under 30)! I don’t need to remind you that he has YET to put an album out [ 😦 ] because everyone already knows that and that is what we are all highly anticipating! I’m just happy that he made the list and hopefully, more people will begin to slap his oh so lovely music! 
My other fav. K. Dot ALSO made the list, ranking in at #9, which isn’t too shabby! Smh, this guy is someone to watch out for because like Cole, he’s gonna blow up as well. Someone even went as far as saying that he is TOO lyrical. Well, I cannot wait to witness this “too lyricalness” live this Saturday May 7th at The New Parish in Oakland!

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