Not ALL Girls Are The Same!

I hate when guys go around categorizing ALL girls, making comments like “Girls are sneaky, you can’t trust ANY of them.” Even though it doesn’t apply to me because it’s not true, it still irks my nerves quite a bit at times.

For one, I NEVER put ALL guys into one category. I’m not that bittergirl that’s always mad at the world, complaining and saying things like “guys aren’t sh*t” or they’re all dogs. I’ve never been like that, I’ve never had a reason to be and even if I THOUGHT that I did have a reason to be, oh well! I’d honestly let it go, because “there’s other fish in the sea,” and as cliché as that may sound, it’s true.

Guys get A LOT of leeway from me, even though time and time again they want to talk mess about ALL girls and try to make some of us out to be what we’re really not. I know that there ARE a lot of good guys out there and the ones who say those things, I figure say it out of spite because of the girls that have broken their hearts.

Despite all of that, you fellas can’t hold every girl that you encounter accountable for what the PREVIOUS chick did! It’s selfish; I mean how do you expect a chick to stick around if you do that? Contrary to popular belief, all girls are NOT the same! Not all of us like to build relationships under false pretenses, SOME of us actually have good intentions.

Guys PLEASE learn how to differentiate the authentic from the counterfeit! Thank you!

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