Kris “Gigs” Lee Fouche hails out of Oakland, CA, home to r&b stars Keyshia Cole, Goapele, rapper Too $hort and  r&b group Tony! Toni! Toné!
Being an avid hip hop/music fan, I admire how passionate Gigs is about his work. That alone is what stood out to me about him, that and his persistence. His persistence in stressing to music fans out there that contrary to popular belief, not all Bay Area artists sound alike. A lot of people seem to think that all Bay Area artists are “hyphy” and are not as lyrical as some of the bigger names in the music industry today, which isn’t necessarily true. A lot of the best lyricists are underground artists as well and if people would be more open-minded and allow themselves to step out of the box, then they would clearly be able to attest to that. 

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