Happy Birthday Nosha!

Happy Birthday to my big sister Nosha! She has done soooo much for me and I TRULY appreciate and love her beyond DEATH. She has such a good heart and I know that when I can’t count on anyone else, I can ALWAYS count on her! Even when she’s lecturing me, I know that she’s only giving me a dose of reality and is saying what needs to be said. She has ALWAYS had my best interest at heart and if there were some way that I could repay her for all that she’s done, I would in a heartbeat. Also, while I know that it’s the little and simple things that count, someday I WILL be able to give her the WORLD..or at least, something similar to it. I hope that you have a GREAT birthday sister, and I love you so very much!! Forever and always! đŸ˜€

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