A Healed Heart

I never thought I’d be saying this anytime soon…but I think I finally am over the whole being rejected by my former crush, lol. It may have taken two months or whatever, but I gradually got over it. Rejection is life, ya know? You cry a river, build a bridge and get over it…that’s what I did…ugh at the crying phase though, lol. I did A LOT of crying. This whole situation has indeed made me stronger though, although it reallyyy took a toll on me due to the fact that this was one of the hardest rejections that I have ever dealt with…but I got over it with time. If someone isn’t looking for a significant other, then you have to respect that and I did, it just hurt accepting it, lol. When they decide that they DO want a significant other and it’s not me, I won’t be mad or jealous. I’ll be genuinely happy for them, because if you TRULY CARE for someone then you’d be happy and would want nothing but the best for them. However, if you change your mind “Holla If Ya Need Me” as Trey Songz would say. Lol, I kid. I kid. 😛

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