Cried myself to sleep the day you crushed my ♥
Felt as if I couldn’t breathe
I just want this feeling to leave
Although, I’ve liked you from the start
Yearning for there to be an “us”
I’m not sure if this is lust
But I know that I want you
However, you don’t feel the same
The main reason for my pain
So tell me, what’s a girl to do
Flowing down my cheeks 
And onto my pillowcase
Choked up to where I couldn’t speak
The darkness of the room hides my face
I’ve dealt with rejection before
But it’s just so hard coming from you
Thought I would be fine
But I just hurt more
When it sinks in that you don’t feel this way too
I don’t wanna be your friend
I do, but I don’t
Everyone’s saying to move on
But I tried and I can’t
So, I won’t
(written on Sept. 26 2O1O) 

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