J. Cole at California State University, East Bay 1O.O7.1O

I know that I have been neglecting my blog and I apologize for that. However, I am back bearing GREAT NEWS! (well, for me! lol) Well, as some of you may know, my 19th birthday is next Thursday, October 7th and I am excited to exclaim that J. Cole is going to be having a show in  the Bay Area the day OF! Can you say GREAT BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!?

When I first looked at his tour dates and saw that he was going to be in Hayward, I was about to go insaaaane because it said “Private Location” and I did not know WHERE!! Anywho, yall know that I just HAD to go on a hunt and find OUT WHERE!! So, I did. J. Cole will be having a show located at CSU EB (California State University East Bay) at 11:3Oam [Agora Stage].

I am sooo excited because this guy has EAAASILY become one of my most favorite rappers within this past year, he is sooo talented and I am sooo lucky to be able to witness history in the making..and on my BIRTHDAY at that! Ha!

I just hope that the majority of the students at CSU EB who do attend the show, KNOW who J. Cole is! If not, they are NOT ready because he’s about to “BLOW UPPPP!!!!” Whoop whooop! I soooo can’t wait for next Thursday to arrive!!!!!!! 😛 😀

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