Rejection hurts!
Yes, it’s a part of therefore, I’ll get over it eventually.
But it just hurts soooo bad!
Having to deal with the fact that the feelings aren’t mutual just crushes my little ♥ !
I was so determined not to cry, but the tears fell anyway.
Knowing that you can’t have someone that you’ve been YEARNING sooo bad for…
someone that you KNOW will bring out the best in you…
someone that you can’t go a day without thinking about…
someone that you’ve literally dreamt about days and DAYSSS in a row!
I mean..part of me wanted for the feelings to not be mutual because I value the friendship too much..
but I just had to finally get things off of my chest.
I’m crushed…
I swear it’s just about all that I can think about…
Now, I hate hearing love songs…
I don’t wanna hear anything that’ll have me on the verge of tears.
But then again, those are the songs that I DO want to hear..weird, right?
Man, rejection SUCKSSSSS!!!!
But anyway…here’s one of the songs that’s been stuck in my head…. 😦

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