The Word "B I T C H"

Today, we live in a society where males AND females use the word bitch so loosely like it’s NOTHING. Wherever you go nowadays, I’m sure that you’re guaranteed to hear a female addressing one of her female friends like “Wassup bitch!”
Smh, now I don’t know if they think that’s cute or whatnot, buuutt I don’t. I don’t go around calling my people bitches, only way I’ll call someone a bitch is if they go around calling themselves one AND act like one. Shooot, I don’t even call myself you have all of these guys calling females “badd bitches” as “COMPLIMENTS.”
Psh, I pride myself with self-respect, what makes you think I’ll let you call me a badd bitch even if it does supposedly “mean something good”?
If someone gets at me sideways and calls me a bitch I’m not gonna start trying to fight them, but I will go bad on them the best way that I know how to, make them think twice about calling me one again. I don’t even like hearing bitch in a song, I be like, “Why she gotta be a bitch though?”

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