"Beautiful You"

I’m trying to get back on my poetry game, so check me out.

“Beautiful Y O U

Beautiful Y O U
So regal and full of grace
I don’t know what it is that you do
But I’m longing for the side of your waist
To be my permanent place
Captivating face
I’m just yearning to touch
Hope this isn’t requesting much
I just wanna please you until you say “That’s enough”

Beautiful Y O U
Oh, how charismatic and benign
How can I be so territorial over something that isn’t even mine?
Forever on my mind
It’s kinda crazy that you are
Falling back is somewhat hard
I just want it to be mutual,
So I wish upon these stars

Beautiful Y O U 
Oh, how I’ve got it bad
Wanna caress your radiant skin
Give you the keys to my heart,
If you give me yours and let me in
Good guys do exist
We both know that this is true
You may know this or not,
But one of them is Y O U

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