Just One of Them Days…

So, I’ve been feeling blahh-ish and sad today. I’m not exactly sure why..well, I am..but I’m not. Ya`mean? I mean I had a great time at the Curren$y show last night..but when “YouKnowWho” left, an immediate rush of sadness came over me and my facial expressions and body language most DEFINITELY showed it! Maaan, I don’t even know why I’m tripping though because it’s not like that’s my dude…unfortunately. 😦  I guess I’m also in an indescribable mood because he didn’t even introduce me to his patnas! What kinda ish is that yooo?
And he left without saying goodbye..I wasn’t tripping off that at the moment, but I’m dwelling on it now because I’m actually listening to Chris Brown – “Say Goodbye” right now.
Lol, I know I’m being a drama queen..but I can’t help it. I’m just so in liiiiiike with him! And him being so freaking cute doesn’t help the situation either! *sigh*
Anyway..Curren$y pics and footage will be uploaded later in the week.
Peace. 😦

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