Sister, Sister!!

I’d like to start this post by stating the fact that I LOVE my sisters to death.
Nothing or no ONE in this world can compare to them, or EVER take their place in my life.
They have always had my best interest at heart, and they always make sure that whatever I NEED, I HAVE. Not even gonna lie, they spoil me..even if things are last minute.
If I can’t count on anyone else in my life (and as of right now, I CAN’T), I know that I can ALWAYS count on them.
They have always protected me and have had my back throughout ALL of the ups and downs.
If I don’t have anyone else, I have my sisters.
You all have made me into the beautiful young lady that I have blossomed into today.
Without yall, there is no me.
I love ALL of you dearly from the bottom of my heart.
Family First. ♥

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