I WILL Be in Attendance at the Curren$y Show!!!!

Soooo, as fate would have it, I WILL be going to the Curren$y show after all!! I am extremely juiced, I know that I am going to have so much funnn!! I’m gonna snap soooo many pictures that it’s not even funny! However, I am also a bit nervous b|c I’m going w|…nunya! And I kinda sorta dig him, aaaand it’ll be our first time kicking it. Buuttt, I know we’re gonna have hellaaa fun b|c we’re both big Curren$y fans. I guess I’m just worried about what his first impression of me will be. I knowww I’ma have butterflies b|c that’s how I get around guys I’m “in like with”..Anywho, we’ll see how this goes on Saturday, August 28th ! Peace! (;

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